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Nevzorov Haute Ecole

Nevzorov Haute Ecole, NHE — high School of horse upbringing set up by Alexander Nevzorov. Its basic principle is working with a horse which is absolutely free without any means of coercion. The School originates from classical Haute Ecole (French «Haute Ecole» — «High School:  in the XVII century this term used to denote a riding school practicing elements in high position, namely, elements performed over the ground.) From the beginning classical Haute Ecole split into two poles practically immediately: one was represented by Solomon de la Broue known as a creator of means of control such as various curbs, the other was inspired by Antoine de Pluvinel — a man of deep understanding of the role of bits in horse`s mouth and his amazing scientific observations. Haute Ecole by Nevzorov takes its rise in ideas by Mr. Antoine de Pluvinel School Grand Master whose official title in complicated and partially secret school hierarchy was «Prior Praeceptor» which means «Senior Mentor».  The School strives for utmost development of natural horse`s talents, its mentals and physical abilities as well as establishing discipline and understanding in relationships and dialogue with a horse.   The main requirements of Nevzorov Haute Ecole practices are horse`s health, trust, profound knowledge of hippology and physiology, feeling of the horse and talent, unreserved acceptence of School Interdicta, to keep a horse and provide it quality conditions conforming to school methods of upbringing, school membership. School postulates:

A horse isn`t born for riding and «bits». A horse has a very fragile health. Its sound health — a primary foundation of healthy relationships. A horse mustn`t be punished. Any statements on behalf of a horse are strictly prohibited.



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Nevzorov Haute Ecole Q&A: Harmony


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